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RUMOR: Pictures of the PS4 SLIM

The Latest

So some high level snitches from VG247 have apparently leaked some pictures of what could be the PS4 slim.  Just by looks that’s some pretty decent shrinkage.  Considering the PS4 will be 2 years old at the end of this…


Bayonetta in Wonderful 101 using super secret tech

The Latest

WTF?  A game actually has secret content which wasn’t found minutes after release.  Platinum games released a code to help unlock Bayonetta and tons of other goodies.  I personally haven’t tried her out but as a owner of Wonderful 101,…


Bioware explains why healing sucks

The Latest

At a recent Bioware stream, the team expressed that there will be no healing spells in the game.  For some reason this caused a huge uproar.  My personal hate for healing spells aside, the team at Bioware actually went through…